Effective Prospecting Methods

Salespeople who plan on being effective in their career need to focus on getting in front of as many qualified prospects as they can. The only way you can make any money as a salesperson is to make sales. The way to more sales is to see more prospects. Sales is a number game and the people who do best play the numbers well.

I have found that in order to make sales you need to understand the sales process. This is not some fly but the seat of your pants process. Instead it is structured and followed a definite path. The sales process takes the following into consideration;

1) Define who is the target market for your product – when you consider someone who is 25 they are not going to flock to purchase $3000.00 in burial insurance. It is important to prospect for potential clients who need your product.

2) Create a need to make an immediate decision – the phrase that stalls more sales is “I need to think it over”. The best way to close on a sale today is to help potential clients see that today is the best day to make a good decision.

3) Utilize marketing strategies to your advantage – Marketing is how you let the world know what you do. To effectively prospect we need to use marketing to our advantage. That means things like:

A) Mailers – although many people don’t rely on mailing as they use to it is still a method that has some merits. Most mailers generate a 1-3% return but that beats getting nothing back.

B) Phone Calls – cold calling is not the most effective way to prospect but if you can get the names of people who fit your demographic profile and who have a need for your product then you can use the phone to make appointments.

C) Seminars – this is one of my favorite ways to get new prospects. Here you speak to a group, get them excited about your product and then close the sale one on one. Gives an agent a lot of bang for your buck. You don’t have to have long seminars, just provide enough info to get people interested.

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